Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Read-Aloud Books from Bookshare India

Read-aloud books are excellent Assistive Technology for children (and adults) with Dyslexia and Learning Differences/Difficulties (LD). My daughter uses Bookshare India, an online library. They have fiction, non-fiction and textbooks you can download on to your desktop computer, laptop or tablet. Once you download the book, you are good to go! It reads to you and highlights the text it reads aloud. You can choose the kind of voice you'd like to hear - Indian or an American accent. They even have Tamil and Hindi books. If you can't find a book you're looking for you can donate it to Bookshare India and they'll digitise it for you.

You can use read-aloud books as one of the tools to help your child study her textbooks. But more importantly you can help her get lost in the world of language and fiction. And, membership to Bookshare India is free for one year.


  1. Thanks to Mrudula for your positive comments. Terry a LD adult and head of International Programs , Benetech.