Thursday, 8 September 2016

I am upset

My younger daughter tells me her class teacher hauls a boy in her class to meet the principal and five minutes later her classmate returns to his desk in tears. His fault - he was doing Origami in order to pay attention to his teacher in class. The punishment meted out to him - no more Origami, and a constant threat of having to stand outside the principal's office.

The boy, my daughter tells me is brilliant at art, answers orally well to all questions but has trouble writing and sitting still. He is derided, insulted and teachers battle with him everyday.

Why do adults do this to children in the name of education? Why can't his parents figure out what's going on in his head? Why can't his teachers understand this boy has a learning difficulty and help him? He's only nine-years-old dammit!


  1. Teachers and Parents are to be educated in true sense.

  2. This is very sad..... sad state of our efucation system....

  3. Can't you reach out to the Principal and teacher and give them some perspective, lest its too late for the child.